Laughing fits and fake coughs!

My How Ferguson’s Grown

While Ferguson is still just a little guy he’s heaps bigger then when we bundled him up and brought him home from the hospital 66 days ago. He’s outgrown some of his 0-3 sized clothing already and we still have three weeks to go until he’s actually three months. But he still rocks toques and his head still leans the same way so at least he’s not growing up too, too fast.

Play Time!!!

So far Ferguson has made good use out of the play mat that Auntie Kristie hooked him up with. Tummy time flies by while he butts his head up against crinkly elephant ears and inches closer to the corners, but nothing beats batting at the monkey and fish while he’s laying on his back, flailing his arms and legs.

Six Weeks and Visits from Family

Ferguson has changed and grown so much over the past 6 weeks. It’s amazing to watch him grow and develop. He’s interacting with us more now, a couple of weeks ago he began smiling at us. Just when I think I can’t love him anymore he melts my heart again and my love for him deepens. For the first time tonight he smiled during bath time instead of crying. 

It’s not just Nigel and I that love our little guy. We’re lucky to have families that are very excited to have Ferguson in their lives. So far Ferguson has met his Grandparents and Aunties on my side of the family. We’re looking forward to his Auntie Jennifer, Uncle Chris and cousins Finn and Lily’s visit in April.

We were very lucky to have my mom with us off the start. Thank God, I had no idea how to look after my sweet baby. 

From the start, Ferguson has been very loved by myself and his Dad, his doting Grandma and Grandpa Jeff.

The rest of my family visited the third week of February. Ferguson met his Grandpa and Carla, Auntie Sarah and Uncle Phil, Auntie Kristie and Ryan and Great Aunt Darlene. It was a bit of a Telford family reunion! 

This past week Ferguson’s Nana (Nigel’s mom) visited for the first time. 

Vital Stats: February Weight Gains

So our first month saw Ferguson make some big gains, literally! After a slow start, Ferguson wound up adding almost two pounds to his birth weight in his first full month. Some of the newborn sized outfits are already outgrown and some of the 0-3 are getting a little snug already. 

The Crinkle Ear

Ferguson came into this world with a crinkle ear. He was squeezed in tight while he was living in Mom. She’s a small gal and he’s a pretty big boy, which lead to his little ear nestled up against her pelvic bone. And that’s how the aforementioned crinkle ear came to be. It gives the little guy some character. Who doesn’t like character in their 3 week old?

Lights, Camera, Action (Kinda) Alright, Ferguson is a little light on the action here, but he makes up for it with cuteness.

The Vital Stats of Ferguson

We all start somewhere! Here’s where Ferguson started:

Location of Birth: Royal Alexandra Hospital
Date of Birth: Wednesday 1 February 2012
Time of Birth: 9:20 a.m.
Height at Birth: 21 inches
Weight at Birth: 7 lb 10 oz

Ferguson & Lucy

So far so good. Lucy’s been on her best behaviour and Ferguson has yet to make any sudden movements so everybody appears to be on the same page for the time being.

10 days in and all is well. This might be some sort of record for Lucy!

Ferguson’s Room

Looking in!

Although he’s spending most of his time keeping Mom awake all night with late night lunches and sleeps on her chest, Ferguson has a room to call all his own. Currently we’re logging about 99.2% of our time in this room at the change station.

Future sleeping pod!!!

Change Station!

Mostly furnished by IKEA, we’re a few steps away from asking form an IKEA sponsorship for the the big guy. He’s a good little brand ambassador. Vintage rocking chair from Jessica’s Great Aunt Lois. Ferguson is following in Mom’s footsteps and starting to load up on books in his little bookshelf. The wall illustrations by Dad. And all around good taste from Mom. More to come as we all grow.